Will Smith 14 Best Movies Ranked

Will smith best movies

Since Will Smith has been one of the best actors of his time, it’s been a long time. But he’s still looking for ways to make small projects that only he can make happen. Smith had small but important roles in movies like “Where the Day Takes You” and “Made in America” before. In general, many people liked these movies, but they didn’t make a lot of money at the movie theater.

A look at how important box office was to long-term success made the actor rethink his professional goals. He also looked at what parts of movies made them popular. It worked.

The next 10 years were full of high-budget, high-concept movies that he starred in. They were usually released in the summer and could make a lot of money. Among them were the “Men in Black” and the “Bad Boys” franchises, “Independence Day,” “Hancock,” and even “Hancock,” which was made for $150 million and earned more than $600 million around the world.

A few years ago, he told 60 Minutes, “I haven’t really thought of myself as very good.” In the past, I thought I was better than most people. It’s also one of my best skills to be crazy, sickeningly tenacious when it comes to work. Then, you know? I’m at work right now. What should I do during dinner? “I’m there.”

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It’s finally here, after all that work. It didn’t take long for Smith to become one of Hollywood’s most profitable actors and a global star because he played safe but appealing roles in big movies that everyone liked. If you were a Black actor, he was one of the few people who had “crossed over” race.

This meant that Smith would have to face the fact that he was just another person, not a movie star. For M. Night Shyamalan, “After Earth” didn’t work out at the box office. He should come back at that time. In the movie, critics gave it an 11-percent Rotten score. This movie was made by Smith and his son, Jaden Smith. They both starred in it.

Also, in the same year that they talked about his career path, he said he was thinking about moving away from big-name movies and into more experimental projects. Afterwards, he said, “There’s something about making movies that makes me excited.” He said the same thing a year after that. I want to make people happy at the end of a story. In this case, it is fun for people to be told a story, and then be told a joke at the end of it. This movie has been very important to me until now. A lot of the time, I think I’m going to stop paying too much attention to that and start taking more risks with my aesthetic decisions.”

Nobody liked Gemini Man or Bad Boys for Life or any of Smith’s movies that came after that. This means that Smith is no longer the “Fresh Prince.” In the movie “King Richard,” he won the SAG Award for best performance by a male actor in a lead role. It’s a strong Oscar contender. Is very likely to win the same award again in 2022. Smith has a lot to be proud of.

People have said that Smith did a good job as “King Richard.”

14. “I, Robot” (2004):

Will smith

It doesn’t live up to the hype, even though it is mostly based on stories by Isaac Asimov. While the movie looks clean (almost antiseptic) because of the way it was made, it looks right at home in Alex Proyas‘ cold and distant, future world. There are many scenes in which the robots defy gravity. If you like that kind of thing, you won’t be disappointed.

When Smith is investigating the death of the founder of the company that made human-like robots more common, he is very good. In this movie, Alan Tudyk plays a computer-made robot and one of the main suspects. In the end, it’s just a fun, light-hearted video game based on a movie in which Smith drives.

13. “Focus” (2015):

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The movie that came before this one was just what Will Smith needed at the time. He did a good job with his charm, too. People who have done this before: Smith is a conman who falls in love with a novice con man played by Margot Robbie in this movie. He is confident, charming, and funny, but he also has a little bit of a soft spot. Because they’re going to make a lot of money, he’s also teaching her how to trade well. One reason this fast-paced, slick piece of entertainment works is because Smith and Robbie look like they’re having a good time and are easy to enjoy.

A New York “dating doctor” who is also very confident is in the movie, and he is also in it. The charm of Alex Hitchens (Will Smith) makes both Sara Melas and Allegra Cole believe that they are safe. There might be a very small love story that will put her skills to the test.

12. “Hitch” (2005):

Will smith

It was Smith’s first time directing a rom-com, which is a type of movie that features male protagonists who are looking for love in a new way. The movie is a mix of friendship and love. To make it more interesting, it had a lot of real-life scenes and was set in New York City.

The movie’s mixed-race cast was a big hit. A black-and-white relationship might surprise people in the U.S., Smith told the Birmingham Post. Sony thought that an all-black relationship would limit the film’s global appeal, while a black-and-white pairing might surprise people in the U.S. Smith said this. They are the film’s two main actors, so they are the film’s main actors (Mendes). When I thought about what made me feel that way, it was disgusting. But the idea worked, no matter how disgusting it was. Across the world, more than $360 million in ticket sales made this movie the third highest-earning domestic romantic comedy of all time.

11. “Ali” (2001):

Will smith best movies

It was from 1964 to 1974 that Will Smith played Muhammad Ali, and he did it then. During the “Rumble in the Jungle” in Zaire in 1974, he came back as Ali to fight George Foreman and beat him. He won the world heavyweight title. It’s about Muhammad Ali, a boxer, in a biopic. The movie isn’t about Muhammad Ali, the best boxer of all time. It’s about a man who isn’t. There isn’t much about boxing in this book. Instead, it focuses more on politics and less on the sport. Muhammad Ali’s life and personality can’t be made into a movie. Michael Mann’s skillful direction and Smith’s best performance made the movie worth seeing. Jamie Foxx also did a great job as Drew “Bundini” Brown, the trainer in the movie. It got two Oscar nominations for Will Smith, who played “Ali,” and one for Jon Voight, who played “Howard Cosell,” in the movie “Ali.”

10. “Where the Day Takes You” (1992):

Will smith best movies

It’s not very often that people talk about Will Smith’s big changes in his career. Where the Day Takes You (1992), directed by Marc Rocco, was Smith’s first full-length movie, and it was made in 1992. His best-known movie role, “Six Degrees of Separation,” came out a year after this.

a group of teenagers who run away from home build a family on the streets of LA. Lara Flynn Boyle and Dermot Mulroney were also in the cast. Smith was also in the cast. When Smith, who plays a homeless man in a wheelchair, is in a group of talented people, he comes out on top of the group.

During its journey around the world’s film festivals, it showed off the talents of its young cast. Before it was even released, it was being praised by critics. In light of the fact that it was Smith’s first movie, it’s surprising that it hasn’t been talked about more.

9. “The Pursuit of Happyness” (2006):
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Because they don’t have enough money for rent, Chris Gardner (Smith) and his 5-year-old son Jaden Smith (Jaden Smith) have to leave their San Francisco apartment. In order for Gardner and his son to get an internship at an elite stock trading business, they have to make a lot of sacrifices for the sake of Gardner and his son.

It was based on the real-life story of Chris Gardner, a real-life entrepreneur who lived on the streets for more than a year. The movie was directed by Gabriele Muccino. Also, the movie earned Smith his second Oscar nomination and is still one of the best he has ever made.

8. “Bad Boys” (1995)
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Cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are two loose cannons who drive across the Sunshine State in search of cocaine that has been taken from people. Fouchet (Tchéky Karyo) is on the run. There is only one person left alive after a killer leaves a trail of dead people in his wake: Julie Mott (Téa Leoni).

Having Smith and Lawrence together makes the movie fun and fast-paced. You will hear a lot of one-liners, shootouts that are very bloody, and crazy chases in this movie. Bad Boys was both Téa Leoni and Michael Bay’s first big role. They also made their way back to making big-budget movies that were rated R in the 1980s, which isn’t all.

7. “Independence Day” (1996):
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When it’s early in the morning in July, communication networks all over the world can’t work because of unusual noise in the air. In the beginning, they looked like meteorites. When they got closer, though, they turned out to be huge spaceships that were being led by an unknown extraterrestrial race. They wanted to launch a global strike that would wipe out most of Earth’s major cities.

Among the American leaders are Bill Pullman as an idealistic president, Jeff Goldblum as a brilliant technologist, and Will Smith as a pilot who can be serious when the time is right.

A lot of other alien movies were used to make this movie. It was based on “War of the Worlds” (1953), “Alien” (1979), and “Alien 3.” Roland Emmerich made the movie. During the summer, “Independence Day” was a sleek, fast-paced movie that was a big hit with the public. It became a big hit all over the world and is still very popular today.

He is called a “enemy of the state” by the NSA after he gets his hands on a tape that accidentally records the murder of a Congressman. The tape puts his life at risk. Killing someone makes him fight back against NSA agents who are trying to cover up the crime.

Well-known actor Gene Hackman plays Brill in this high-octane, mixed-race movie. He used to be an intelligence officer and keeps Smith’s Dean out of trouble. During the modern era, things are moving very quickly. The more Dean comes to terms with this, there are more action scenes and explosions. There are also more high-tech symbols in the story.

6. “Enemy of the State” (1998):
Will smith

To think that the 1998 movie might have been ahead of its time in terms of national security and privacy, think about how it might have been. There were a lot of secret surveillance activities that Edward Snowden revealed in 2013. Many of them were done with help from the NSA and other governments. In response, there was a debate about the trade-off between national security and the privacy of each person.

5. “I Am Legend” (2007):
Will smith best

As most people die from a virus, Robert Neville is one of the last people left alive. He lives in New York City. Neville can’t get the virus. His goal is to find a way to stop the bloodsuckers at night while he works on a cure.

It’s a film by Francis Lawrence, and Smith’s performance (one of his best) is a big part of why it did well. Smith is almost always in a scene, and he often shows up alone.

During December, it was the biggest December opening of all time, making it the best of its kind and making it the best movie ever. One of Will Smith’s best movies. It’s also exciting and rewarding, which makes it even better.

4. “Six Degrees of Separation” (1993):

Art merchants Flan and Ouisa Kittredge (Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing) are liberal and rich. To stay with them: They invite Paul, an educated young man with a sense of humor, because he is a good friend (Will Smith). In order to make things even more interesting, we have a drama about prejudices and what might happen if we have them.

based on the real-life story of David Hampton, a conman who fooled people in the 1980s by pretending to be the actor’s son. The movie is called “Sidney Poitier’s Son.”

When Fred Schepisi saw John Guare’s Pulitzer Prize-nominated play, he turned it into a play. It was made by Schepisi. This is what Smith did well in the movie. During this time, he was just getting started in the business.

It was only the backs of their heads that were shown in the scene when Smith didn’t want to kiss the actor who played his love interest. Afterwards, Smith said that his decision not to kiss the girl was “incredibly immature on my part.” It made me think about what my friends in Philadelphia would think about this, and I wondered what they would say. Because I didn’t feel safe enough to be creative with that part of the picture, I couldn’t be creative with it.” It’s a great adaptation of Guare’s play, with a great performance by Smith.

3. “King Richard” (2021):
Will smith best movies

Tennis stars Venus and Serena Williams have gone from being teenagers to sports legends over the course of their lives. At least 30 Grand Slam championships have been won by each of them so far. They also say that their father is the reason they’ve been able to do well. When he came up with a plan for the future that took him eighty-eight pages to write down, it was probably inevitable that a movie about him would be made.

Will Smith has a lot more white skin than Richard Williams, so some reviewers and fans didn’t like that he was cast in the movie. They thought it was because of their skin color. This is not what happened with the movie. People haven’t talked about it for a while because of how good it was at both critical and financial level.

They may have trouble playing Richard Williams, who is bigger than life but is still alive and well. Even the best actors may have trouble playing him. Smith tells this inspirational story about being a parent and having grit with ease, though.

2. “Men in Black” (1997):
Will smith best movies

A New York City police officer named “K” (Tommy Lee Jones), who is a former member of a secret government organization that keeps track of aliens on Earth, is in the second “Men in Black” movie (1997). This movie is about “K.” James Edwards is played by Smith in Barry Sonnenfeld’s adaptation of a comic book with a tongue-in-cheek twist, which is based on the comic book. “Men in Black” are the agents who go to get an item from a museum when Vincent D’Onofrio (an excellent Vincent D’Onofrio) steals it. They wear black suits, shoes, ties and sunglasses to look for the item.

The quest could lead to interplanetary war if “K” and “J” can’t stop the bad guy. A lot of times, Linda Fiorentino, who has been zapped by K’s memory-erase gadget, has been on the same trip with them as well.

Urban humor, a fantasy but thought-provoking story, action that moves quickly, and good-looking visual effects are why people like this movie so much!

1. “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” (1990-1996):
Will smith best movies
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Even though this list has a TV show instead of a movie, it’s still important to include this show. There was a time when Will Smith was young.

In “Fresh Prince,” he learned how to act from the show. People who worked on stage and in movies, like the late James Avery and Janet Hubert-Whitten, were around Smith when he was the star of a six-season hit TV show. Young Smith must have learned a lot from working on a movie set, no matter what people say.They signed The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990 and made the show about him. The show was about him. Because of the show and its wins, maybe Will Smith wouldn’t be here today.

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