Doctor Strange 2: Every Character Confirmed & Rumored to Appear

It was only at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego, California, that Elizabeth Olsen made an interesting choice. In the movie, soon after WandaVision’s work was supposed to keep going into it, she and Dr Strange were going to be the movie’s two main new characters. As well as Wong and Baron Mordo, there would also be a movie.

Since this movie was made long ago, the story and characters have become very crazy.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Won’t Be Screened Until Hollywood Premiere. Read this Article

If Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t play Dr Stephen Strange in the movie, it wouldn’t be a true Dr Strange movie. This is how many films he has played Marvel’s most powerful sorcerer in since he joined the MCU five years ago: Six. This will be his second movie made by himself.

Stephen Strange hasn’t helped Peter Parker figure out who he is since Spider-Man: No Way Home. This was the first time fans saw him do this. The third book ends: To do it right: He did what he should have done, taking Peter out of the world.

In this new movie, the Multiversal portal will open again, and Stephen Strange will learn how powerful and important he is. Benedict Cumberbatch is a person who fights for weird things, like a lot of people. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield played Spider-Man Men in the MCU, and Tom Holland was very afraid of them. His movie will show him many different types of himself.

People can think outside the box when it comes to Marvel Studios’ most powerful hero, Defender Strange, which is why he is so powerful.

If you read the comics, the Hulk and Valkyrie are part of a group called the “Defenders,” which includes Strange. This group also consists of the Hulk and Valkyrie. The Hulk and Valkyrie are also in this group. People can tell him from the movie’s main character because he has a ponytail. Many of his clothes look like those he used to wear as part of the Defenders.


People who are weird and strange. He asks: Is it already over? It’s scary when Sinister Strange shows up at the end of the first trailer for the next one!

His two predecessors were both dressed in white and clean. Sinister Strange was dressed in dark clothes and looked dirty when he first came to life. During this movie’s early stages, Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t have many roles worked out for him. This one was one of the first. He was going to be the third person in the movie. This is what he was going to do.

In the movie Multiverse of Madness, there was a question called “What If…?” This question said that this new Variant could be the same Dr Strange Supreme who was in the movie. As it turns out, there are subtitles on the Super Bowl trailer that show this is not the case at all!

People aren’t very excited about this movie, Sinister Strange. It looks dark and scary.It’s a good thing. 

Benedict Cumberbatch: I think this is a good idea.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has only had one Dr Strange since 2016. He was the first one to show up in 2016. This time, he is going all the way through. He will appear in the movie. He’ll be there.

Dr Strange
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Another variant of Doctor Strange called “Supreme Strange” was shown in a leaked picture from Funko Pop! He isn’t well-known. This movie isn’t like Defender Strange or Sinister Strange because Cumberbatch’s hero isn’t the same as those two. They both have blue robes that are a little lighter.

People saw him look at it for a few seconds in the Super Bowl teaser. Then, he went to the next thing. Strange had a huge statue outside of his house that looked like a big person.

There, she’s called the Witch (Elizabeth Olsen):

Doctor Strange Multiverse

Scarlet Witch hasn’t been on the big screen for almost three years now. That’s a long time! She is back on the big screen now to see again. She also had a lot of fun when she returned to life in Avengers: Endgame. During the nine episodes of WandaVision on Disney+, she went through a lot, and it was very interesting. The way it worked out: Scarlet Witch was shown to be important in the same way everyone else was.

There are a lot of teasers for the movie, and it looks like Wanda will be in it. Wanda looks like she’s been enchanted by the bad magic at first. There are a lot of bad spells in the Darkhold. None of her clothes are the same, and her hair is dark.

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