The best free VPNs for 2022 that works for Netflix

Best Free VPNs for Streaming Netflix in March 2022 ?

1 ExpressVPN – Get a Free One-Month Netflix Subscription?

ExpressVPN is our first pick when it comes to unblocking any major Netflix library. The finest streaming experience is achieved by using sophisticated protocols such as L2RP/IPsec, PPTP, and OpenVPN.

ExpressVPN can effortlessly get around Netflix’s geo-restrictions, allowing you to stream any program title regardless of your present location. With the 12+3 month special deal, you can take use of ExpressVPN’s unrivaled services at a lower price.

The free version is identical to the premium version, however it is only available for a month. We were able to unblock major Netflix libraries, including those in the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Japan, and Australia.

Test your speed

The normal internet speed at the time of the speed test was 100 Mbps. The upload speed was 81.97 Mbps after connecting to the ExpressVPN server, while the download speed was 83.55 Mbps. Although there is a tiny variation in speed, it does not interfere with your seamless streaming experience.


The score is based on ExpressVPN’s ability to unblock major Netflix libraries, connection speed, and overall user experience.

2 Windscribe – Netflix in a Safe and Friendly Environment?

WindscribeVPN can unblock major Netflix libraries in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, and Canada, thanks to its servers in more than 60 countries. Its oomph factor comes from the fact that it has no IP or DNS leaks.

WindscribeVPN offers its customers complete protection and anonymity, making it almost difficult for sniffers to identify the user or their browsing history. The stealth mode gives you an advantage over practically all streaming sites by allowing you to avoid the geo-restriction barrier.

Test your speed

The average Internet connection speed was 100 Mbps. The upload speed was 83.85 Mbps and the download speed was 87.41 Mbps after connecting to the Windscribe server. The speed difference is minor, indicating that it has no effect on the streaming quality, ensuring buffer-free viewing.


The ranking is based on the ability of Windscribe VPN to unblock major Netflix libraries, as well as its speed and server connections.

3 OperaVPN – Excellent for Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom?

Despite the fact that it is classified as a proxy service, it has no bandwidth restrictions. All major Netflix libraries were unblocked, and the service was simple to start up. It is really simple to use the VPN since it is incorporated within the browser. It is deservedly ranked as one of the top free Netflix VPNs with no hidden fees.

OperaVPN’s privacy policy is quite explicit, particularly for laptops. OperaVPN has an advantage over other VPN services due to its compatibility with numerous devices.

Test your speed

The download speed of 93.14 Mbps and upload speed of 88.49 Mbps after connecting to the OperaVPN server is rather outstanding when compared to the usual internet speed of 100 Mbps—minor effects on the internet speed indicate that you may enjoy streaming without additional buffering.


Because of its ad-blocking, high-speed connection, and excellent user experience, OperaVPN receives a good rating.

4 Zenmate – Unlimited Data VPN for Free

If you’re searching for a free VPN that Netflix won’t detect, Zenmate is the way to go. Although the app does not have a free version, it does have free versions for Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Chrome. It can instantaneously unblock US Netflix, but we were also able to access German, Singaporean, and Romanian Netflix libraries.

It works on all operating systems, however there are applications for Android, Mac, and Windows. It also works with other streaming sites, since it has servers in 35 countries. The list of chosen torrenting hosts is another outstanding feature of Zenmate.

Test your speed

The standard interest rate is 100 megabits per second. The download speed was 88.05 Mbps and the upload speed was 84.15 Mbps after connecting to the Zenmate server. Because your internet speed remains unaffected, you should be able to watch Netflix without interruption.


Zenmate is regarded highly since it was able to unblock big Netflix collections with quick server connections.

5 TunnelBear — No-throttling VPN for Free?

TunnelBear is a dream come true for everyone who wants to access all worldwide servers. It can access Netflix libraries in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada. TunnelBear is a free VPN that operates in China, providing it an advantage over other free VPNs and even some commercial VPNs.

TunnelBear’s ability to overcome geo-blocking and have no speed throttling is one of its strongest features. Despite the lack of throttling, you will get 500MB of data each month. Although the data limit is insufficient, this problem may be rectified by connecting to a new device or tweeting about the provider.

Test your speed

The download speed was 89.44 Mbps and the upload speed was 87.26 Mbps after connecting to the TunnelBear server. The slight difference, when compared to the typical internet speed of 100 Mbps, indicates that you will be able to enjoy a seamless streaming experience.


It is rated high because you can unblock international Netflix libraries on many devices with a fast connection speed.

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