New hints suggest Google Pay could be set for a major change

Adding a “Wallet” icon may help Google get closer to making Google Pay into a “full digital wallet,” the company says, which is what the company wants. People who follow 9to5Google say the new “Wallet” sign from Google comes in the same colors as Google’s other mobile apps like Gmail, Drive, Meet, and the rest of them and some other things.

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This is not the case with GPay’s new logo. Instead, it shows a blue wallet with cards in the colors red, yellow, and green inside. The colorful “G” next to “Pay” on Google Pay is easy to see, but the new sign isn’t as noticeable. A digital wallet that has all of the features you could ever want in one place. As a result of Plex being shut down by the company in October of 2013, a former PayPal employee was hired by Google.

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In Bloomberg, they say that now.

 Google wants Pay to “become the connecting tissue for the whole consumer finance company.” This will include working with cryptocurrency sector partners, among other things.

A lot more work needs to be done by Google to use the new “Wallet” sign instead of the old “Google Pay” icon when it comes to making payments easier. In this case, it’s because Google Pay is only available in the United States. GPay is available in more than 200 countries around the world. Besides that, GPay lets you make payments to other people, buy public transportation passes, pay for parking, and more. Google Pay only shows a carousel of credit and debit cards and hands that you’ve already stored.

Because the “Wallet” sign gives a glimpse into Google Pay’s future, more information about how GPay will become a full digital wallet must come from the company itself.

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