Microsoft’s Windows 11 may not be as well-liked as the company had planned:

Windows 11’s rapid growth over the last four months has slowed down a little. Ad Duplex’s new study says that Microsoft may need to make changes or add new features to keep the number of people who use Windows 11 from going down. In March 2022, Windows 11 made up 19.4% of Microsoft’s total software use, and that figure went up by 0.1% from the last month.

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Putting in Windows 11:

There are still many people who like the Windows 11 operating system, even though Microsoft is trying hard to get people who already use it to switch to the new one.

Many people use Windows 10 with the most recent two update groups on their computer (80 percent ). In November 2021, Windows 10 N21U had 28.5% of the market, and Windows 10 M21U had 26.555% of the market.

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Almost a quarter of customers are still using old versions of Microsoft software released in 2018. Microsoft still needs to work on getting them all to use the most up-to-date software. They still need to work on that. It doesn’t matter if the numbers from AdDuplex are not 100% correct. Microsoft’s findings over the last few months also seem to back them up.

More and more people have Windows 10 and 11 on their computers, which means they have them.

One-third of work laptops and PCs can’t run Windows 11 because they don’t have TPM 2.0. IDC says that 19.45 percent of devices need storage updates, 11 percent need TPM 2.0 upgrades, and 8 percent need changes to UEFI. This is a lot. After a long day at work, only 12 percent of the work PCs need to be fixed.

You need to do some things to get the most out of Windows 11. However, they’re becoming a lot more and more popular these days. The next time you buy a new computer, you might have a hard time installing Windows 11 Pro on it if you don’t already have an account with Microsoft.

An Ars Technica report says that Microsoft is now testing many new features, UI changes, and new programs for Windows 11. This comes after the first major post-release update for Windows 11.

Some people may find it annoying during the installation process that they have to sign in to their Microsoft account to get the app. It’s still good to see new features and additions, like being able to move things to the Taskbar and a new look for the Task Manager, though.

There is no way to do anything without having a Microsoft account:

Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22557 says that when customers buy new business PCs and laptops and install Windows 11 Pro, they’ll be asked to sign in with their Microsoft account.

It is only possible to use all of the features of Windows 10 if you sign in to your Microsoft account. If you choose this option, you can get to OneDrive and the Windows Store and make quick backups from other devices so that you can get them back quickly.

There is a trade-off: Microsoft will get a lot of information from you. You don’t want to do this. We get that. Local accounts keep all of your data on the computer or phone you choose instead of being sent to the cloud. This can take up a lot of space.

Until May 2019, you could set up a local account when you first started Windows. This simple method was available until a recent update to Windows in May 2019.

This may be more work than you’re used to. Even though there is an answer, it may be more work than you are used to.

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