Drones, phones, and satellites are revealing the truth about Russia’s conflict in Ukraine.

Russian forces have committed war crimes in Bucha, a city near Ukraine. This has led to people learning about them. Vladimir Putin didn’t expect this to happen. A lot of things went wrong for Russia at the same time. It couldn’t take over Kyiv as expected.


Many times, military leaders have used modern technology to help them win fights. For example, his archers used their new longbows to defeat the French at Agincourt in 1415. They were able to shoot arrows from a long way away from that the French couldn’t, but they didn’t.

In the Ukraine conflict, it’s possible that this could be the setting for a new history-making event. Technology will help people find out the truth about the people who are attacking them and speed up the process of taking them down.

Images from satellites:

 Show people who were found dead on the roadside, and footage was taken a few weeks later. Western politicians have agreed to put more sanctions on Russia and speed up the delivery of arms to Ukraine because of these images and footage. Because it isn’t clear how this will change the outcome of the fight, it’s clear that Russia is helping Ukraine as its troops prepare for another attack in Ukraine.

People in government have been able to see satellite images of battlefields for a long time now. This helped them find war crimes in the 1990s, such as where many of the 7,000 Bosnian Muslims killed in the town of Srebrenica were buried. But now that the images are in the public domain, they can be seen right away. People can see them right away.That’s all for now. Even though they can’t control what people say or do, it doesn’t look like Putin cares about or doesn’t understand this.

Those people will remember that leaders: 

 Bashar al Assad was able to stay out of trouble and even be rehabilitated in many previous conflicts, even though a lot of wrong information was taken from government buildings and police stations.Vladimir Putin needs to learn more than this. In the Hague, a war crimes tribunal used political and military leaders’ own words to help convict them during the war in Bosnia and the split of Yugoslavia.

They used a movie to put Bosnian Serb President Radovan Karadzic on trial for crimes against humanity. The film showed Karadzic looking over Sarajevo and threatening to use artillery and mortars on the city, which was established in the movie.This is what happened to Ratko Mladic, one of the people who helped the war crimes at Srebrenica. People who were going to be killed by his men were shown in a video he was in charge of.

People who have been tried for war crimes in the past can’t help but think that Vladimir Putin will be hard to convict. Because he wrote a 20-page paper about why Ukraine isn’t a country and said on TV that Russia should invade, this will hurt him.Putin may have lost because he couldn’t see the flaws in his army and the strengths of Ukraine. Because he couldn’t take Kyiv, his troops had to leave.


There were still a lot of terrible crimes done by them:

 Just like they have done before. We can’t expect anything less than the best from Vladimir Putin and everyone else in the Kremlin.The first photos and videos of people killed started to show up on April 2. Some were shot in the head, and others were tied up. The Russian defense department said that the photos and videos were made up and that their troops had fled before the atrocities happened. They left on March 30. The Ministry of Defense said that. “I didn’t see any video for four days. To be fake, they must not show up.”

It was clear to them that the time was right. Sergey Lavrov is one of Vladimir Putin’s best spin doctors. There were “Russian troops out of Bucha by March 30,” Lavrov said.

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