Republicans want to recognize a female-born NCAA champion swimmer    

Emma Weyant was named the “rightful winner” of the NCAA Division I swimming championships that swimmer Lia Thomas won this month. On Wednesday, the legislature passed a law that said that.

Weyant, a 20-year-old first-year at the University of Virginia, came in second in the 500-yard Freestyle, Weyant had been on Penn’s men’s team for three years.

Weyant should have won the NCAA Division I 500-Yard Freestyle first place instead of a “mediocre man” who couldn’t swim well in men’s swimming, says Rep. Lauren Boebert, who came up with this bill.

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“Emma worked her whole life for the NCAA women’s swimming championships, but a real person beat her.” In this case, it is a shame for women’s sports, and it sets a bad example for the next group of female athletes.

He said that someone living in Florida is the “rightful” winner of Lia Thomas’s 500-meter freestyle title from last week, and that person is Lia Thomas.

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On Thursday, Thomas became the first known transgender person to win a US college swimmer title. People who don’t like transgender athletes competing in women’s sports were angry when she won the race, but some right-wing politicians and groups didn’t like that.

It was a race for a Republican candidate for president, and DeSantis said that the winner was Emma Weyant, who lives in Florida and is a member of the University of Virginia team. She came in second behind Thomas.

One person thinks there is a “straight line” between the “reactionary legislative action” and “DeSantis’s political goals,” but this is not true.It means that you have the right to follow orders: Republicans in Florida are trying to pass many bad laws, and they want to do it.

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Because Emma Weyant is a woman, men shouldn’t be competing with her as they do with other women. There has been a lot of anger in Florida because the NCAA has tried to make other people believe they are part of a lie. This is because the NCAA tried to sabotage female athletes by trying to make other people believe they are part of the truth.

According to USA Swimming rules, people who are transgender can’t swim unless they’ve been taking hormone replacement drugs for three years. If you don’t like USA Swimming rules, the NCAA didn’t follow them. Even though he’s six months late, they let Swimmer Thomas swim in Atlanta.

People who are gay or lesbian won’t see any changes in how the state of Florida treats them. DeSantis said that last week. His statement did not change the outcome. Anyone born male can’t play games for girls and women. It was passed in June. When the Orlando Pride soccer team said sorry this week because of the state’s “don’t talk about gay” law, it was this week.

People love and hate Thomas. People who don’t look like real female athletes are a threat to the integrity of women’s athletics, IAAF president Sebastian Coe said on Monday, because they don’t look like real female athletes.

There is no way for people to ignore that men and women have different bodies. In my job as the leader of a group, I can’t do that. Coe says that other groups don’t have the chance to avoid these problems. Because of the scientific data, the work we’ve done that has been peer-reviewed, and those rules, I think they’re the best thing to do.

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