Pakistan Cricket Board proposes that India and Pakistan play at a neutral venue during the Asia Cup

This means that all India matches will be played outside Pakistan, while the remaining games would be played in Pakistan, the event host.

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At the Asia Cup, India might play archrival Pakistan and other teams outside of Pakistan. This is according to a proposal from the tournament’s hosts, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). During last week’s Asian Cricket Council (ACC) meeting in Dubai, PCB presented the suggestion.

Jay Shah, president of the ACC and secretary of the BCCI, was present at the meeting, while Arun Dhumal, chairman of the IPL, represented India. Unfortunately, no decision has yet been made regarding the locations of the India games. At last year’s Annual General Body Meeting, the BCCI made it plain that the Indian squad will not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup since the central government would not grant permission.

If India advances to the final, the match must also be played outside of Pakistan.

The Pakistan Cricket Board has proposed playing India matches at neutral venues outside Pakistan. They have not informed the BCCI of the neutral venue’s location. The ACC has not made a conclusion on the matter. That will be considered at the upcoming meeting. There are also logistical and monetary considerations. “At the same time, we do not know if the official broadcaster would agree to this change, as they will require an additional crew in another nation,” a representative who attended the discussion stated.

Furthermore unknown is if teams other than Pakistan would be willing to play India at a different site.

As the BCCI announced that the Indian team will not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup, former PCB chairman and former cricketer Ramiz Raja stated that Pakistan would not visit to India for the upcoming 50-over World Cup.

Before departing for the ACC meeting, the current chairman, Najam Sethi, adopted a more conciliatory tone, stating, “It’s vital to observe how other members (of the ACC) view our stand on the Asia Cup.

What they believe is significant, but in the end, we must recognise how influential the BCCI is in world cricket due to its financial weight.

The matches that do not involve India will be played in Pakistan, under the PCB’s plan, which seeks a compromise.

India and Pakistan have been placed in the same Asia Cup group and may face each other up to three times throughout the event.

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