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Kavya Maran:

Kaviya Maran, the CEO, works for a firm named Sunrises Hyderabad (SRH). Sunrises Hyderabad is abbreviated as SRH. He was born on August 6, 1992, in India, born on August 6. It’s known as Kaviya Maran. He grew up in the city of Chennai, which is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. He attended school there and received his MBA. After witnessing her in IPL 2021, many young ladies want to meet her. Sun Group’s founder and CEO, Kalnithi Maran, is his father. She is her mother’s daughter. She is Hindu and 30 years old. Their home state was also Tamil Nadu.


Other people refer to these folks as “Mysterious Girl.” She comes from a well-known political family. Most of his ancestors have been involved in politics for some time. Therefore he is more likely to be involved. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from his post-secondary education. She is currently assisting her father in the management of the family company. They have not yet found a partner or married. He has a large number of followers that are curious about his personal life and love story.

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Kaviya Maran Net Worth:

You have no idea how much he’s worth. They are, however, paid Rs 87.5 crores every year. As a consequence, you can determine how much money he has. They have been so influential in their early years that many young ladies may be encouraged to follow in their footsteps.

Women are now not just ahead of males but also in the lead. Women may be found at the top of every sector. She is where she is now due to her father’s influence and his abilities and labor.

Women are now not just ahead of males but also in the lead. Women may be found at the top of every sector. She is where she is now due to her father’s influence and his abilities and labor.

Lord Ganesha is a great admirer of hers, and she also has a thing for animals. She takes yoga and other forms of exercise every day to keep in shape. She is a 5’4″ model who got her start in the industry after graduating from college and working as a model for a time. His weight is 55 kg, and he has dark brown eyes.

Kaviya Maran Social Media:

Furthermore, he is an expert at exploiting social media. There are a lot of individuals that follow him on his social media accounts. The majority of women pay careful attention to them. She also looks after a large number of other workers in her organization. Another way to learn more about them is to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Because social networking platforms make it simple to discover a wealth of information, many people follow and like them since their fan sites may be accessed on various platforms.

Kaviya Maran Family:

Kaviya Kalanithi is the father. His full name is Maran. His mother’s name is Kaveri Kalnithi. You are alone since you have no brothers or sisters. Maran’s grandpa was M.Karunanidhi’s great-nephew, a politician and an Indian novelist when he was a boy.

His uncle is the Indian Minister of Textiles, Dayanidhi Maran. His great-grandfather is the late Indian Union Minister Murasoli Maran. She is the company’s wealthiest businesswoman, generating a lot of money for herself and being the company’s Joint Managing Director.

Kaviya Maran Career:

Her job is SRH. She is the CEO. He earns around 87.5 crore rupees every year. Sun TV is India’s most popular television network. Kaviya Maran’s father used to run this. She currently works for the firm that she and her father co-founded and previously ran.

To the beginning of the IPL 2021 season, as well. When he goes to the gym, he usually wears orange jerseys. People on the squad often urge her to be a captain since she is an enormous cricket enthusiast. Kaviya Maran is one of the most influential personalities in the lives of young women.

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