Athlete Lia Thomas believes most women disagree with the ‘trajectory’ of female sports

Girls don’t like the way women’s sports are going. At the NCAA swimming championships, Gaines came in fifth in the 200-yard freestyle.In an interview with Marsha Blackburn, the host of “Unmuted with Marsha,” Blackburn talked about Gaines’s words. She is a Republican from Tennessee, and she spoke about it.


Several women aren’t happy with how the NCAA doesn’t want women to play competitive sports. “And they don’t like how this is going and how this could turn out in a few years.”

Gaines says that fear is why people don’t want to speak out against transgender women playing sports for women. They don’t want to put their lives at risk.

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After swimming since she was 10, the University of Kentucky swimmer was surprised to learn that she had tied with Thomas and didn’t get a trophy at the tournament, even though she had been swimming since she was 10.

A five was on the wall next to my name. My place was fifth. The number five was next to Lia’s name, so I knew we were tied. “It was Blackburn who said that, ” In this case, “It was like a huge wave of emotions.” The girls above me did something that seemed impossible when Lia lost. I was happy for them.

Gaines said, “I was shocked.”

This isn’t true for Thomas, though. She came away from the competition with a prize in her hand. Gaines didn’t do this.When I came back to get my prize, the NCAA official said, “Hey, that was a great swim.” It’s what I’ve heard. It’s only for fifth place. After that, it’s Lia’s turn, he said. You’ll soon get yours, and soon it will be on its way. ‘Good job,’ I told them.

A lot of the time, Gaines didn’t think I’d question it very much at first.

Gaines said she didn’t know how the awards were given out because she and Thomas were both in the race. Because of this, she was still not sure what to believe.During the last four years, Gaines has worked every day for this. “This is important to both me and the people I compete against.” For the last four years, Lia has worked hard every day to become a champion in the 200-yard freestyle.

This competition is for women who went to college:

  I don’t think many people know that. The fact that you had to fight for every point there doesn’t even count.She won the 200-yard freestyle national championship last night. I told him I had worked hard over the previous four years to get there, and he said he was surprised. Making it to that stage was very important for both herself and the other competitors.Only a few female college athletes make it to this competition. A lot of people don’t know that. “For every point you have to fight for. I was very angry with how it was handled and how they treated me, so I was distraught. That alone is a big deal.

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