6 Things That Happen If You Drink Soda Everyday

It’s important to think about these six health risks if you drink a lot of carbonated drinks.

  1. Obesity: Obese people drink more soda, and so do other people. Research shows that there are at least 200 calories in a can of soda a day. Children between the ages of 2 and 11 drink at least one soda or surgical drink each day. Between the ages of 12 and 17, that number rises to 62% of teenagers, the same as adults. People in the United States eat 22 teaspoons of added sugar in each meal each day. Medicine should be taken 400 times a day. A bottle of 20-ounce soda that has 17 teaspoons of sugar has 17 teaspoons of sugar. Soda has 17 teaspoons of sugar. People in the United States drink at least 50 gallons of sugar-sweetened drinks each year, and many more than that.

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Even if you think diet drinks will help you avoid weight gain, they may not be the answer. The sugar substitutes in sugar-free sodas make the drink 200 to 600 times sweeter than sugar does. It’s been found that people who drink diet soda have three times as much belly fat as people who don’t drink diet soda.

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  1. Vitamin Deficiency: Carbonated drinks may make your body lose calcium, which was thought to be a good thing. In addition, phosphoric acid has been found in lab tests of carbonated drinks. Taking in vitamin D may also be harmed by drinking soda, but this isn’t the only thing that could be bad. It has been found that carbonated drinks can weaken bones and cause osteoporosis, leading to bone loss.

It helps people who don’t get enough calcium and vitamins by making them drink soda instead of milk. There are lots of vitamins and minerals in milk that you need to stay healthy. You can drink it to get the vitamins and minerals you need. People who don’t drink milk can have bad health and growth if they drink soft drinks instead. To make bones stronger and avoid fractures, it may take calcium from them.

  1. Dental Decay: People who drink a lot of soda with a lot of sugar and fructose syrup can get cavities and lose their enamel. This can also be caused by the high acidity of the soda, which can cause dental decay and cavities. Study: When sugars in soda are mixed with bacteria in the mouth, they make acid. The acid will wear down your teeth. The acids in even sugar-free drinks can hurt your teeth. So a lot of soda could do long-term harm to your teeth.
  1. Chronic Health Diseases: In the Framingham Heart Study, people who drink one can of soda a day are more likely to be overweight and have poor sugar levels, bigger waistlines, and high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A study found that this could make it more likely to have a heart attack. In addition, it was found that women who drink one or more soft drinks a day are more likely to get type 2 diabetes. The US Nurses Health Study II found that this was true. Both studies said that a single can of soda might cause heart disease and high blood pressure.
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  1. Caffeine Addiction: People get hooked on caffeine. People worldwide drink a lot of soft drinks that have a lot of caffeine in them. Caffeine is addictive, even in tea, coffee, chocolate, or soda. Even in tea, coffee, chocolate, or soda, it doesn’t matter how it’s made. Coffee has about the same caffeine as a soda, with 40 to 50 mg of caffeine. Soda is the main source of caffeine in a child’s food.

People like them because they give them a boost of energy, but they can also cause many bad things to happen. For example, kidney stones can happen. Make hard for kids to sleep. Make kids more likely to wet the bed and more stressed. People of all ages can have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. This medicine can make you tired, exhausted, and have headaches. It can make you angry or sad, too.

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  1. Cancer: Our soft drinks and the water we drink is full of benzene, a chemical that can make us sick. There is a lot less benzoic acid in soda than in water to drink. These things mix with benzoic acid to make benzene. Ascorbic acid and metals like iron or copper make this happen. Some chemicals may be making benzene, which is bad for your health, differently. Many companies don’t spend enough money to keep track of the levels of benzene in their soda, even if they think they are safe. So you should only drink one can of soda a week, say the most conservative rules.

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