The 10 Best Supplements for Men 2022

However, some people may find it difficult to consume all of the protein, creatine, or vegetables they require on a daily basis in order to reach their nutritional requirements. This is especially true for persons who want to grow muscle, as chewing through pounds of protein can be difficult. A protein powder shake is considerably (much) easier to consume. Supplementation is simply that for those people: a means to add to (not replace) an otherwise healthy diet.

Here’s a list of supplements you can count on to help you achieve your goals, whether they’re to develop muscle, improve strength, or lose weight—or all three. To win our trust, a supplement must be third-party verified and contain the nutrients required to fulfill the promises it makes.


These are the best supplements for men, 2022 edition.

1 Best Whey Protein Isolate, Chocolate

the isolate form is very good for muscle synthesis. For muscle gain and fat loss, a powder with roughly 150 calories per 25 grams of protein is a healthy ratio. Each scoop of this delectable flavor contains 120 calories and the same amount of protein. Informed Choice has verified Dymatize products as third-party certified. Dymatize, you’ve done a fantastic job.

2 Best Whey Protein Isolate, Vanilla

Bodylogix uses stevia leaf extract to sweeten this NSF-certified whey protein powder, keeping calories and carbohydrates low (110 and 2 grams, respectively). However, unlike many stevia-flavored variants, the sweetness is subtle rather than WHAMMO. Carbohydrates can also assist your body in maximizing the effects of protein. Because this powder is so low in carbohydrates, you might wish to combine it with milk, which contains natural carbohydrates such as lactose. It also tastes better that way.

3 Best Whey Protein Isolate, Wild Card

Chocolate and vanilla protein powder flavors aren’t enough for everyone. Turn to this NSF-certified, just-sweet-enough powder when flavor fatigue sets in. It’s light and fluffy, so it easily dissolves in milk or water. As a result, it’s simple to use more than one scoop. Unfortunately, your body can’t handle more than 30 grams of protein in a single sitting, and this stuff offers 24 grams each scoop.

4 Best Pea Protein Powder

This is your go-to protein powder if you can’t have dairy or are vegan. Ladder’s NSF-certified protein powder has 21 grams of protein per serving and 130 calories. That’s fine, but it’s the flavor that really stands out. Ladder uses real cocoa beans and a pinch of salt to bring out the chocolatey flavors even more.

5 Best Plant-Based Blend Protein Powder

And if pea-forward protein powder isn’t your thing, here’s a vegan powder that combines three proteins—pea, chia seed, and cranberry seed (yes, really!)—to give 20 grams of plant-based protein for 200 calories in two scoops. In addition, the same dish has seven grams of fiber. The vanilla flavor is pleasant–and it goes down easily. It’s also NSF-certified.

6 Best Zero-Carb Protein Powder

If you’re aiming for a ketogenic diet, this zero-carb whey protein powder will help you get there. One scoop has only 100 calories. The protein powder still tastes sweet, but that’s due to the use of sucralose, a carb-free sweetener. Isopure’s production facilities have passed NSF-certified quality control audits.

7 Best On-the-Go Protein Drink

If you prefer your protein on the go, this hefty container from an NSF-certified protein drink supplier provides a whopping 32 grams of protein for only 160 calories per serving. It’s also shelf-stable, so keep one in your gym bag for a quick post-workout shake.

8 Best High-Fiber Protein Powder

Fiber, indeed! Most guys should consume at least 38 grams of fiber each day, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The average man consumes 15 grams per day. This shake fodder contains six grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein per serving, for a total of 170 calories. One thing to keep in mind: Invigor8 is not yet certified by a third party.

9 Best Caffeinated Protein Drink

Here’s your protein-and-pep mix if your morning or noon workout leaves you feeling depleted. This combination of water and milk protein concentrate provides a significant amount of protein (30 grams per serving) as well as caffeine (about as much as is in one cup of coffee). Chug. After that, get back to work.

10 Best Protein Bar

If you prefer your protein in the form of a bar, these substantial bars have 23 grams of it and a whopping seven grams of fiber. It’s worth noting that each one has 220 calories. So, even if you’re starving after a workout, resist the urge to eat two. Informed Choice certification has been given to many goods.

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