Racer video producer added spice of fitness to March Madness fun

If you look up Murrell’s, you can find out who wrote this. During football and basketball games at Murray State, it’s hard to miss Scott Kopacz, who is in charge of Murray State’s athletic multimedia production and multimedia.

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He runs around the sidelines with a video camera in his hand to get the best shots. If something important happens, he takes pictures of it. He does this both on the field and off it, too. He also does it powerfully. Instead of walking, he runs to the place where the event took place instead of walking.

To keep his necktie from getting in the way of his headband, he often throws away his bright yellow sport coat and wears it as a headband. That’s just the start. It’s been a long time since he did this exercise and karate jump routine, but many fans and members of the Racer Band have done it with him. They also screamed, “GO!” Before the game, he doesn’t do anything with the coat, of course.

My preparation for the games: 

Kopacz says he is getting ready. Ex-athlete: I know how important it is to stretch before exercise. People who are constantly moving think it’s important to stop when they play sports.

During the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis, he did his show in front of a lot of other people. Nobody knew about it. Kopacz has already been at Murray State for three years. He has a lot of fans. With each week of the basketball season, he also started to get the crowd involved in his performances. It was held to get people excited about the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament in Evansville, Indiana. Racer Band, fans on the floor, cheerleaders, and even the team’s mascot, Dunker, were all there when the band played.


All season, they were good at it. The process is very different:

This is what happened when the question was asked: How did he make sure he hit every part of his body? He told the story.Many of his fans call out “pushups” when he plays basketball in the middle of the season.There is a more serious tone to the end of Kopacz’s routine. He says that the cheering crowd is lovely but that it’s not all fun and games.

It’s important to know what the 22 pushups mean both symbolically and in real life to do them correctly. So a good place to pump my arms and legs is here. It’s what he says that he “winks” at the challenge at the same time as “thanking military service members and veterans.” Because my older brothers and sisters have already done so, and because both of my grandfathers served in World War II, which makes me happy, I am proud to serve.

Because of his work with a Wisconsin baseball team some years ago, Kopacz has always done this thing. Minot State in North Dakota, then Murray State, where he is getting his master’s.

Also, people who aren’t fans of him have seen it:

A few days ago, I started doing burpees (a push up and jump combo) after pushups. The number of burpees I did has gone up. Because we both like football, Murray Police Chief Jeff Liles asked us to make the football-themed mugs. There are many things I might not do if someone else asked me to do something. The five burpees might not be something people want to do. I’m going to do them even if no one else wants to.

I am getting a little more attention because I’m near the football team and my pre-game ritual.

“Basketball has been getting a lot of attention in the last few days. There isn’t any doubt. In the morning, they always ask if I’ve done my routine. I always say that I have. Then, they’ve looked.”

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