South Carolina House approves transgender sports measure despite 1,000 Democratic amendments

On Tuesday, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted against more than 1,000 Democratic amendments put forward by other people. As a result, there will be no more sports at public schools or universities in the state for transgender kids now that this law has been passed.When the bill came up Tuesday night, Democrats took a long time to think about it. Finally, it passed 82-28. A step-by-step process was taking the measure to the South Carolina Senate for a vote.

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There are Republicans in charge of both houses of Congress, so they’re in control.

It would be hard for transgender kids to compete with the gender on their birth certificates if this bill was signed into law and became law.After the long debate, eight more hours were added on. Then, because of a tornado threat, they had to leave the chamber and go outside. There were a lot of Republicans who agreed with it on Tuesday night at about 9:15 p.m.A lot more people who are Democrats now don’t want to be. One of the authors said that shutting down the House was a success.

He said this: “Today, we saw so many of my colleagues speak up for those who don’t always have a voice.” They didn’t want to keep the fight going on Tuesday. In the end, one amendment was passed that would let high school girls wrestle, which would make it possible for them.


Rep. Ashley Trantham (R-SC) said before the vote:

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for two years to get this bill passed. We couldn’t have done it without you.” But unfortunately, as time went on, a group in the House of Representatives did not like it when 2021 came around.His words were: “South Carolina is one step closer to preserving women’s sports because of your work.”

At least a dozen states have already passed laws like this, and transgender athletes have been a big issue in the midterms. Republicans, on the other hand, aren’t all on board with the plan, either. Republican governors in Indiana and Utah have blocked rules they think are unfair.

South Carolina High School League:

 Only a few people have asked to play for a team that allows transgender people to play, but that’s not a big deal. There is also Molly Spearman, the new Republican school superintendent, who doesn’t like the idea.

Some Democrats sent hundreds of changes to the bill ahead of time. A rule was set up when the Republicans were in charge. Each amendment debated had three minutes of discussion time. There were two-minute votes during the weekend, but the Democrats could have asked for them. Instead of using up all of their time, they could have had a long talk.

People in the Democratic Party want to make any changes to the law by adding amendments. These amendments would let public high schools choose not to follow the rules or ensure that women’s sports teams have the same number of assistant coaches and facilities as men’s teams.

The “Discrimination Capital of the United States

title could be given to a few schools, and their school bands could only play during women’s sports events.There was a tornado warning in Columbia, so the House chamber had to be evacuated. Unfortunately, that meant that the debate had to be put on hold for more than an hour.As for the Senate, there has already been a bill like this, but it hasn’t been passed yet. If the law was to be looked at, it had to give one House and get two-thirds of the votes.

Democrats in the House talked about the amendments they were voting on. At least a dozen of the 43 Democrats in the House spoke. Unfortunately, Luke cut them off when they ran out of time, and he did it quickly.Lucas interrupted Rep. Annie McDaniel at the end of a discussion about the mental health and suicide of transgender teenagers and asked her a question. He said to her, “Ms. McDaniel, your time on this amendment is up.”

No, that’s fine. My story will be over when I get back:.

In their opinion, Democrats said the Republican Party should be ashamed of itself for picking out people who already face discrimination in the general public.Transgender children should not be with other people. They should be left alone and not be with other people at all. Less than 1% of them are Democrats from Ladson, says Rep. Krystle Matthews.

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