Biden wrote college recommendation letter for son of Hunter’s Chinese business partner, emails reveal

Emails from Fox News Digital show that President Biden told a Chinese businessman’s son to go to college in 2017, and he told him to do so in 2017. There has never been a time when the White House has shared this information with the public.There are a lot of times when the president says he has never talked about Hunter’s business plans with his son. This is not true.

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There have been emails and phone calls between Hunter Biden and people who work at Rosemont Seneca, the company he runs with Bohai Capital and a Chinese investment firm. Fox News Digital, for example, has found these things.

As soon as Hunter Biden sent a message, he asked for the keys for Joe Biden, the Chinese “emissary” to CEFC chair Joe Biden, to be sent to him.This is how it was said in the past. Hunter had a 10% stake in BHR. People said Hunter’s lawyer said he had sold his shares in November.He wrote this email to three people on January 3, 2017. It was sent to them, and they saw it.

This is Chris Li’s résumé, so you can look at it to see what he has done. Li thinks Li’s son might apply to Brown, Cornell, and NYU this year. I said this.

People who are friends with Hunter say they have seen the new CV.

Let’s look into how we can help Chris in his letter.

On February 18, 2017, Eric Schwerin, a former president of Rosemont Seneca, responded to Li. He was still in charge of the company at the time.By Hunter’s father, it was written, and Schwerin, Hunter’s son, was asked to bring it to Jonathan.It looks like RON KLAIN asked Hunter Biden for money so that he could move to the White House as VP.

As soon as Tuesday, “it should” arrive at Brown, Schwerin told them (given Monday is a holiday here in the U.S.). Ask us for help when you’re not sure. “I hope you have a great time.”

Dr. Christina Paxson is the head of Brown University. He works at the school. She runs it.

If she could, Li said yes. A woman said that she was going to say hello to Eric. It’s essential to look inside. It’s great! Thank you for that. That means a lot to me, and I’m grateful for it.

Thank you, Hunter. Please have a good day.

In Fox News Digital, the letter of recommendation that Joe Biden has written for Li’s son, Li’s son, could not be seen.Many people don’t know if Li’s child went to Brown University and how he did after that.It was from a computer that Hunter Biden should have owned, but it was not.

On Fox News Digital, Andrew Bates, the deputy White House press secretary, told them not to talk about the laptop. He said, “We don’t talk about the laptop when asked about the emails.”

When the media asks about applicants, they don’t ask the Registrar’s office or any other office for help. Rep: “We don’t ask about people who want to go to Brown when we get media inquiries like this.”

People at Brown told Fox News that they don’t accept these requests because they would not be able to share information about a specific application to the school or recommendation letters on behalf of a student’s application. In addition, federal law and Brown’s commitment to student privacy make it impossible for us to accept these requests.

Despite what Mr. Biden says, Mr. Biden says that he didn’t know about what his son did.

Vice President Biden said on Tuesday that he hasn’t talked about his business with his son. White House press secretary Jen Psaki was asked on Tuesday if that still stands, and she said that it does. She agreed.It doesn’t stop even though he paid his taxes.There were some “tax affairs” going on in 2018, a person who knew about it told me.

Then, in December 2020, a federal source told Fox News that a grand jury was investigating Biden and that it would happen. When someone is a target, there is a good chance they have done something terrible, says the source. So it’s not like you don’t know for sure.The FBI used “Questionable Activity Reports” (SARs) to look for suspicious transactions in other countries to start its investigation into Hunter Biden.

In December 2020, Fox News says, another source said that “China and other countries” were the source of SARs.There are SARs filed by financial institutions “if there is something unusual about the way a transaction is done.” But, of course, they didn’t say anything about it.


Sources say that money from China is being used to look into “tax affairs.”

A person who commits a crime or breaks the law is not to blame for that. Because the customer’s transactions are not typical, this is why it’s not a good thing. Even though the SAR might be linked to a money laundering or tax investigation, that doesn’t mean that it will happen.

This even though Hunter Biden has paid a tax debt. There is still a grand jury looking into how he has done business outside of the United States.

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