This page describes when and why Kurrent Affair and our partners use cookies and other tracking technology on our websites and applications Kurrent Affair,,, and are among them, as are mobile-optimized versions of these sites and our Mobile Device Applications, or “Apps.” These websites and apps are referred to as the “Kurrent Affair” (we refer to these sites and Apps collectively as the “Kurrent Affair”). In addition, you may acquire information and access services via the Kurrent Affair. 


The term “cookie” refers to a little piece of data stored on your computer’s hard drive by a website. Everyone who visits a Kurrent Affair site receives a unique cookie from Kurrent Affair; Cookies may be used for various reasons.

Session cookies: are only utilised for one visit to a Kurrent Affair site. They save data when you go from one website to the next. When you leave a website or shut your browser, they are instantly removed. Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you leave a website or shut your browser.

Persistent cookies: are stored on your device after you leave a Kurrent Affair site. They tell us about you and your interests. You may opt to retain or delete persistent cookies at any moment, but if you don’t, they will

A “third-party cookie”: is placed on your computer by a website or service other than Kurrent Affair and is not from us. Cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or expire after a set time are difficult to remove.

“Kurrent Affairs” images are little bits of code inserted on websites. They capture information about your browser, such as your IP address and what page you were on, the kind of browser you were using and any cookies that may have been stored on your computer. They may be utilised by the website’s host, a network advertiser, or another person or corporation not connected to the network.

Third-party software development kits used in mobile applications are called “application SDKs.” Developers may use these SDKs to learn more about their applications, users, and the devices they’re running on.

Cookie on the kurrent Affairs Sites:

Cookies are often used for one of the following purposes:

Strictly necessary. Cookies are required for the Kurrent Affair Sites to function properly, and without them, several aspects of the Kurrent Affair Sites would not function. For example, a cookie may inform us of who is already logged in and provide them with access to stuff that is only accessible to those already logged in.

Important functionality. These cookies enable us to remember information like your user name, language, or location to provide you with a better, more personalised service. They may also be utilised to provide you with something you’ve requested, such as viewing a movie.

Performance and Analytics. We use cookies to help us better understand how people use the Kurrent Affair Sites. Users of the Kurrent Affair Sites and Services may help us improve them by providing us with information through Cookies.

Advertising. In certain situations, our advertisers or we may also utilise additional information about you that our advertisers or we have discovered elsewhere to display you more relevant advertising on the Kurrent Affair Sites and third-party sites that are more likely to be of interest to you. For example, a cookie may be used to restrict how many advertisements are presented to you, and it can also be used to analyse how effectively the advertising worked. In addition, we may use cookies, our partners, or other third-party advertisers and their ad servers to gather information about you.

As we’ve previously mentioned, cookies and other tracking technologies are used to identify particular users when they use the Services. They are also used for many other purposes, such as remembering user preferences and monitoring how often users use the Services. We also monitor if our emails are opened and whether links in them are clicked. The Services also collect information from your browser or mobile devices, such as your IP address, unique device identifier, browser information (including the referring URL), your preferences and settings, cookies, information about the content you have viewed and actions taken (such as search queries, ad engagement, clicks and the associated dates and times), and information about how you use the Services (e.g., search queries, ad engagement, clicks and the associated dates and times). When you use an App, you may provide Kurrent Affair with your device model, operating system, advertising ID (a unique, user-resettable identification for advertising on a mobile device), and app version and usage data. We can get precise location information from your mobile device as long as you grant us access, which you may disable in your device’s settings.

A cookie from a third party.

Sponsors or advertisers on the Kurrent Affair Sites may employ their cookies or other tracking technologies in the banner advertising, sponsored links, and “Brand Pages” on the Kurrent Affair Sites, largely adverts or other content from our advertisers. These advertisements may also appear in emails, special promotions, or newsletters that we offer to you. They may display their advertisements on the Kurrent Affair Sites or other sites you visit after visiting the Kurrent Affair Sites. In addition, some advertisers may use a business other than Kurrent Affair to distribute their advertising and measure how consumers respond to them. These other ad servers may also gather information about you via cookies on the kurrent Affairs Sites.

We normally allow third-party cookies to be used because they adhere to our Advertising Policy, and we assist our advertisers in placing cookies on their Brand. However, we have no control over how third-party cookies are used or how they utilise information obtained via cookies on the Kurrent Affair Sites, and we may be unable to verify that they comply with our Advertising Policy. 

Ads that appear on the Kurrent Affair Sites and other sites are delivered by third-party ad networks such as AdRoll Our ad network partners acquire information about your activity on the Kurrent Affair Sites and our primary app, the Kurrent Affair App; they then use this data to provide you cookie-based targeted advertising based on your surfing habits and interests.

Because your browser, App, or device connects to their servers, they may be able to get your IP address, page header information, and browser. This is the same as having visited their website or directly utilised their applications. These firms may use your information to show you advertising on the Kurrent Affair Sites and other websites, applications, and services. We may interact with these organisations directly between our web servers, outside your browser or device. On their websites, many of these third parties include information on how they use your data and, in certain circumstances, how you may stop them. Check out each company’s privacy policies to learn more about your alternatives. We recommend that you review our Cookie Policy regularly for the most up-to-date information regarding our ad network partners.

Your Choices:

Most browser software may be configured to disable cookies if desired. You can find instructions in the “Help” or “Settings” or “Preferences” section of your browser’s toolbar. While certain aspects of our websites may not function properly if you do not accept our cookies, you do not need to accept our cookies to access most of our websites’ services. However, you must not disable all cookies to utilise the opt-out services listed below, such as the Network Advertising Initiative and the TRUSTed AdsTM programme. These opt-out processes function by setting cookies on your browser that enable these opt-out procedures to work. “Opt-out Cookies” are used to assist you in avoiding having Cookies used to target adverts placed in your browser.

Some ad firms allow you to opt-out of having cookies used to gather information about you. However, if you do not want your personal information to be used, you must do so on every website that requests it. When you visit the Network Advertising Initiative gateway opt-out site, you may also prevent many ad servers from placing cookies. This website also allows you to see the privacy policies of several ad servers. Visit the World Privacy Forum’s website for further information on removing advertising cookies. You may also opt-out of being monitored if you reside in the European Union (EU).

Kurrent Affair now offers a DAA-approved method for opting out of interest-based advertising, giving you greater control over your privacy. Every page on the Kurrent Affair Web Sites has an Ad Choices logo at the bottom (which looks like this: Ad Choices). Our primary Kurrent Affair app features a “Settings” section where you can pick which advertising you wish to view on your phone. When you click on that logo on the Kurrent Affair Sites or follow the instructions in the general Kurrent Affair App, you will be sent to a window that shows all of the firms with which Kurrent Affair collaborates show you tailored adverts on the Kurrent Affair Sites and third-party sites. If you do not want to receive targeted adverts from Kurrent Affair, you can disable them by changing the settings in that box. Even if you don’t want to see them, there’s a strong chance you will. Remember that whether or not you may opt-out of seeing personalised adverts is determined by your browser or mobile device. This is critical to remember. To ensure that your opt-out will work on another computer or mobile device, repeat the process on that one as well. When you click the + symbol next to a vendor’s name in this box, you’ll receive additional information about how and where that business assists us with ads. The Kurrent Affair’s websites do not respect web browsers’ “do not track” signals, instructing them not to monitor you. You may opt-out of being tracked by us on our mobile-friendly websites and the Kurrent Affair App.

You may also disable interest-based advertising on your mobile device by selecting “Limit Ad Tracking” in your iOS device’s settings or “Opt-out of Ads Personalization” in your Android device’s settings. Adverts will still appear, but your device advertising identifiers will no longer be able to target you with more relevant ads. Contact the manufacturer if you don’t know how to disable cookies on your device.

Before visiting the Kurrent Affair, visitors from the European Economic Area (EEA) should read this.

If you use Kurrent Affair in the European Union, you will see a banner before cookies are placed on your computer or device. You may agree or disagree with the cookie setting. If you want the greatest service and experience, you must allow cookies to be placed on your computer or another device. You may opt-out of having cookies placed on your computer. You may disable them if you do not want them on your computer.


Kurrent Affair reserves the right to amend this Cookie Policy at any moment. Unless we specify otherwise, any changes will take effect as soon as they are posted. Therefore, we urge that you review this Cookie Policy regularly for the most up-to-date information about how cookies are used on the Kurrent Affair Sites.