This Deodorizing Spray Literally Pulls Odor Out of Activewear

Let’s say that between teaching yoga and attending dance classes, I work up quite a sweat. I use so many sports bras throughout the week that I often have to wash them multiple times to remove the odor of my perspiration (BO). If you live in an apartment building with a laundry facility on-site, as I do, you’ll have to transport your laundry basket there and back every time it fills up. I also don’t have a lot of space to hang my bras to dry, so they occasionally smell musty since they’re so close together, and I have to rewash them. So when Hex offered to let me sample their new Hex Deodorizing Spray, I leaped at the opportunity. Because I have eczema, I chose a scent-free spray to avoid irritating my skin.

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But, I’ll go through the fundamentals immediately for those of you who don’t know anything about it. Even though it sounds like deodorant, it is not anything you apply to your skin. Instead, spray it over soiled clothing, a yoga mat, shoes, and gym bags to “eliminate the tenacious odor.” Shake the container, hold it approximately six inches away from the area you wish to spray, gently spritz the surface, and wait for it to dry, as directed on the label. But I intended to use this spray on my sports bras in particular, and the product’s website said that it could be used on “everything that can fit in your washing machine.” I decided to give it a go since the directions were so straightforward.

Do You Know How To Utilize Hex’s Spray To Get Rid Of Odors?

When you try to put on your favorite sports bra, you sniff it and discover that your pee smells stronger than your detergent. If this is the case, you should spray your apparel with Hex. According to Hex’s “scientific” website, the company’s products are designed to penetrate “performance materials” and eliminate odors.

The Hex Deodorizing Spray claims to get rid of odors and “stop them from coming back” with its Hex molecule-based composition. This is how the formula works: According to the National Library of Medicine, the smell-causing bacteria that attaches to perspiration is anionic, which means it contains negatively charged ions. Because the HEX Molecule in the formula has a positive charge, it “actively attracts and bonds itself” to bacteria. This removes dirt and filth from your clothing.

“Positively charged immune peptides are considered to attract bacteria with negatively charged membranes. A bacterial cell dies when its membrane is knocked off balance, “According to dermatologist and textile specialist Erum N. Ilyas, MD. “Sweat has no odor when it initially develops. Bacteria utilize sweat molecules to produce odors. The scent should fade if the bacteria are removed or taken care of.” Dr. Ilyas claims,

Deodorizing Spray

Hex Deodorizing Spray Review

I glanced through all the sports bras I’d cleaned the night before and picked the one I loved most. When I got a sniff, I realized the bra still smells musty, so I sprayed it with Hex spray and let it dry as instructed. A closer sniff revealed that the foul odor had vanished, but I could still smell it on the bottom of the bra. So I washed it and changed into a new bra that smelled nicer.

I couldn’t get the spray to function any longer, so I tried something different from the handbook. I sprayed my sports bra once again and washed it with ordinary detergent to get rid of the odor. What else? Everything is going swimmingly! Even after I cleaned and dried my sports bra on hangers, it still smelled like a bra. Even after working out again, putting my things in the laundry basket for a week, and rewashing them, my bra didn’t need another round of Hex spray to clear the BO.
Take a look at the reviews if you don’t trust me. One Amazon reviewer tried this prewash procedure and received the same results I did: According to the reviewer, “I like smoking cigars now and then, but I despise the odor they emit. This spray removes odors when used 20 minutes before washing. It does not attempt to mask them with another odor; rather, it eliminates them.” It’s quite a sight. So, even though I deviated from the manufacturer’s directions, I believe Hex Deodorizing Spray delivered on its promise of eliminating odors and preventing their recurrence. In other words, I plan to keep using this spray for a long time.

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