Harry Styles has attracted more male fans, but will they be less toxic than his original stans?

Harry Styles Although he is known for having a protective relationship with his followers, it hasn’t always been the same with regard to his love life.

There has always been a fervent fan following for Harry Styles, and now there are many more. But the musician-turned-actor hasn’t had it as easy coping with his fanbase.

Styles’ biggest hit to date is “As It Was,” which spent 10 weeks at the top of the American charts. According to the musician, it’s also the song that has reportedly brought Styles more male followers.

Styles says the song has produced “probably the largest volume of men that I would get stopping me to say something about it” in a new interview with Rolling Stone.

Harry Styles

The stadium crowd stood up when “As It Was” was used to end a recent concert in New York. Even the well-known member of One Direction was taken aback by the thundering response. Styles informs Rolling Stone, “I wasn’t scared, but there was something about it that made me need a moment. Since I wasn’t certain of what it was. Simply put, the vibe felt crazy.”

“As It Was” is a melodious farewell to summer that features a synth hook reminiscent of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” and the melancholy chorus “You know it’s not the same as it was.” A little voice sample from Styles’ own goddaughter is used to open the song “Harry, hurry up. We want to bid you good night.” The sample “puts a nice sensation in your heart as you are brought into ‘Harry’s House,'” according to American Songwriter.

The first single from “Harry’s House,” the song, may not be what draws in new male listeners; rather, it may be the music’s pervasiveness. The upbeat tune is frequently played on the radio and serves as the ideal soundtrack for both current epidemic situations and nostalgia for the end of summer. Whatever happens going on, Styles sings, “We ain’t the same.”

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