Global outage today? Massive solar flares headed towards Earth may cause blackouts, solar storm

Soon, a large solar flare from the Sun is predicted to strike the Earth, perhaps resulting in radio blackouts and other disturbances.

Scientists and space experts have always been concerned about solar storms since they are predicted to have significant effects on Earth. Now, a huge solar flare that is projected to cause blackouts has escaped the Sun and is moving toward us.

A solar flare that could trigger a strong solar storm is predicted to strike Earth soon, according to space researchers. When a solar flare erupted from the Sun on June 14, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a notice.

The Earth could soon be blasted by a solar flare that is powerful enough to disrupt radio communications in vulnerable places like the poles. Dr. Tamitha Skov, a physicist, tweeted the warning about the probable solar storm on social media.

Dr. Tamitha Skov posted on Twitter, saying, “The long filament cartwheeled its way off the Sun in a magnificent ballet. It will be difficult to predict the magnetic orientation of this Earth-directed solar storm. If this storm’s magnetic field is facing south, G2-level (maybe G3) conditions could develop!

The large solar flare, which might turn into a solar storm today, July 18, could cause probable blackouts all around the world, according to the space expert. Although it is unlikely that this solar storm would do any serious damage, it may generate northern lights in some regions of the earth. It could be of G-3 magnitude.

A solar flare is a powerful localised outburst of electromagnetic radiation in the Sun’s atmosphere, according to the definition of the phenomena. The five main classifications of a solar flare are A, B, C, M, and X, with X being the category having the maximum intensity.

There may be blackouts in some locations as a result of the solar storm brought on by the July 14 flare that could affect radio communications. According to the space expert, GPS users have also been urged to maintain their vigilance. Ship and air travellers may experience brief delays as a result of the solar storm.

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