“Frank I sincerely hope you get through this without incident. My dear friend,” Mike Wolfe authored

According to Mike Wolfe, co-host of American Pickers, Frank Fritz had a stroke and is currently receiving medical attention.

Wolfe, 58, posted a picture of Fritz, 56, grinning, with the following caption on Instagram: “Regarding Frank’s life and his journey, I have been very discreet during the past year. Numerous opinions have been expressed about my friendship with Frank and the show, but this is not the time to correct them. My friend needs your prayers right now.”

“Frank is in the hospital recovering after a stroke. Keep him in mind and in your prayers, please “He carried on.

Wolfe concluded with a heartfelt note for Fritz “Frank More than everything, I hope you come out of this okay. Buddy, I adore you.”

The ups and downs of their friendship have been discussed openly by Fritz and Wolfe. The two previously participated in the reality series American Pickers on The History Channel, which began in 2010. According to History.com, the well-liked programme followed Wolfe and Fritz as they traversed the nation and “make a career by restoring neglected treasures to their former glory, transforming one person’s trash into another’s treasure.”

Fritz revealed to The Sun in July of last year that he had left the programme and was no longer in touch with Wolfe. At the time, Fritz’s resignation was confirmed to PEOPLE by a representative for The History Channel.

Mike and I haven’t spoken in two years, Fritz told the publication. “He was aware that my back was hurting, but he didn’t call to see how I was doing. That is the way things are.”

In a statement given to PEOPLE, Wolfe expressed his regret at losing his former co-host.

According to his statement, “I have known Frank for as long as I can remember, and he has been like a brother to me.” “Like all of life, the road that Frank, Dani (Danielle), and I embarked upon in 2009 has had its ups and downs, blessings and hardships, but it has also been the most fruitful. Like you all, I shall miss Frank and I pray for the best and only positive things for him as he continues on his journey.”

After being sacked from American Pickers, Fritz later revealed to The Sun that he had recently entered treatment after suffering with alcoholism.

His final performance occurred in March 2020, following a vacation he had after having back surgery and before being fired.

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