Former WWE Star Says John Laurinaitis Threatened To Fire Him Every Other Week

While John Laurinaitis served as the Head of Talent Relations for WWE for a while, it doesn’t appear that he got along well with all of the Superstars he worked with.

From 2003 until 2007, Rene Dupree made appearances on WWE programming. He recently discussed his contacts with Laurinaitis in an episode of his podcast, Cafe de Rene.

Johnny threatened to fire me every other week, saying, “I could fire you, Rene. Johnny was always a pain in my a, guy. The following week, Rene would be nice, and the following week, a pk,” remarked Dupree. “I could fire you, Rene. I simply grew tired of f*king even looking at the man.

During the broadcast, former WWE Tag Team Champion Paul London also discussed Laurinaitis and had some unflattering things to say about it.

“Only a skilled manipulator. Unfortunately, that’s who you see when you think about talent relations—someone who constantly threatens others—I don’t know if they’re hollow threats, but it’s a power play.


As of today, Triple H has been reappointed as the executive vice president of talent relations, which is seen as John Laurinaitis’ final day at the organisation. As new information becomes available, keep checking back.

Paul London, a former WWE Superstar, made a guest appearance on the most recent episode of Rene Dupree’s podcast.

Three-time Tag Team Champion London didn’t like the way John Laurinaitis communicated. Additionally, he believed that the executive had engaged in backstage politics to enhance his image with Vince McMahon.

Triple H, the 14-time world champion and inventor of NXT, will rejoin WWE’s Talent Relations team, the company said on Friday. What do you make of this information? Post your ideas in the comments section to share with us.

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Former WWE Star Says John Laurinaitis Threatened To Fire Him Every Other Week

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