Flipkart, RIL, Amazon May Join India’s Open Ecommerce Network ONDC

Even as the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) starts its pilot program in Bengaluru and four other cities, ET has learned that Flipkart, Reliance Retail, and Amazon are in talks to join the network. Big companies that do business online have told ONDC that they agree with the idea. So, one of the experts mentioned above thinks that the ONDC network will be able to sell things to big business-to-business platforms.

Other Reports Say That Users Would Be Able To Connect To ONDC’s Network Through Paytm And Phonepe.

“The big online stores of today have a captive audience. The ONDC open network makes it possible for all merchants in the network to find out who is buying from them. This would also make it more likely that existing platforms would join ONDC, “Thampy Koshy, the CEO of ONDC, told ET. He wouldn’t say which giant companies in e-commerce and logistics had joined the network.

ONDC says that PhonePe has said it would take part as both a buyer and a seller. Our link between merchants and customers for making payments will be used the same way that UPI has been. This is good for the businesses we work with. We are now working with ONDC to make sure that we can launch as soon as possible.

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An Amazon India employee said that the company is working closely with the ONDC team to learn more about the proposed model and how Amazon could help Indian shoppers and merchants. When the article went to print on Wednesday, emails sent to the other companies above had not yet been answered.

There Are Already Logistics (Service Providers) In Place.

 Another person who knows about the integrations said, “They’re waiting for instructions and want to see how it’s done right now.” Koshy said that the network would be in more than 100 places by August and will be open to the public in the five cities where it is being tested right now: Bengaluru, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Bhopal, and Shillong. The network is now in “beta testing,” which means that only five businesses and a few customers from five different places are using it.

By August, the network will be connected to at least 100 cities, and people will be able to use it in Bengaluru, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Bhopal, and Shillong, where a test is already going on. The network is now in “beta testing,” which means that only five merchants and a small number of buyers from five places can use it. This week, the CEO of ONDC went to Bengaluru to take part in a Synergia Foundation event. He talked with and met with a wide range of people there. The goal of the network is to include small sellers in the same way that the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) changed the way digital payments work. It is a “decentralized” play because buyers and sellers don’t have to be on the same platform.

ET got a strategy paper from ONDC that says the open protocol lets suppliers and customers find each other, order, execute, fulfill, and post-fulfill without using the same platform. One of the most important things for online retailers is that their visibility on the ONDC will not be affected by the algorithms of other eCommerce platforms. Companies that sell things online say that their algorithms are not changed.


The Most Important Part of The Process Is Getting Things Done.

Industry experts say that how ONDC is put into place will significantly impact how well it works. The network will put buyers and sellers in touch with each other, and if both parties agree, the things will be sent to the buyers. A person who knows how ONDC works now said, “A seller can handle logistics independently, or the customer can be told to use Dunzo, just like other things that can be done through the app.”

E-commerce experts say that this is not as easy as it seems. This is very important when a buyer and a seller disagree about an order. In this scenario, it’s unclear how the logistics partner will be involved. Once it’s out in the open, people will have many questions. Online merchants who sell on Amazon and other online marketplaces are excited to see how this works out in real life.
A vendor who knows about ONE’s work says that there are still teething problems that will become clear when the execution starts. But not much is known about how Amazon’s advertising technology will work in ONDC or how cataloging will be done. I’ll take part because I don’t want to be left behind if this technology takes off.

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