Antonio Brown doesn’t appear to be having a successful start to his music career.

After spectacularly flameouting from the NFL, the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiver thought music was his next big opportunity.

If you were hoping for an amazing record, you should definitely give up because his performance at Rolling Loud was extraordinary.

More than 2.6 million people have seen the footage of him playing at Rolling Loud in Miami as of right now. Its massive virality was not caused by good things.

Because people keep making fun of it, it has blown up.

Brown switched from Sunday touchdown pass receiving to rapping in front of uninterested crowds.

The audience lacked enthusiasm, excitement, and seemed uninterested in watching AB perform. Study the space!

They were either watching paint dry or Brown, who famously quit during a game, rap for them. Sincerably, it’s a bit difficult to tell!

It should be fun to see just how bad this music experiment gets before the former Steelers standout finally pulls the plug!

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