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Amir Khan says he quit boxing because he no longer had “passion for the sport,” His career has been “amazing.” On Friday, Khan told Sky Sports News that the decision was made a few weeks ago. “As soon as my last fight with Kell Brook was over, my family told me to give up. “During my boxing career, I fought some of the best fighters in the world and won many world titles. I thought about it even before the last battle. “It wasn’t until after that that I realized I didn’t care about the sport anymore, and I didn’t know when to tell people I was leaving.

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“There Was Still A Part Of Me That Wanted To Box, But I Had To Make The Announcement.

“To be honest, it makes me laugh because I’ve been boxing my whole life and will miss it a lot. “My work life has been nothing less than impressive. My family has been telling me to retire for years, but I haven’t because I want to get a few more things done. It’s hard to give up something you love so much. But I think the time has come for me to step back.

“Boxing has been a great adventure for me. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me, including my family, friends, and boxing colleagues. For the past ten years, this has been the only thing that hasn’t changed. “Boxing changed my life and gave me a great place to start when I was 17.” He also said that everyone in Khan’s family wanted him to step down was the main reason he decided to leave.

Amir Khan Boxing

The 35-Year-Old Man Said, “Boxing Has Completely Changed My Life.”

“My wife, kids, and kids told me, “Look, daddy, we want you to stay home.” He said, “We want you to spend more time with us.” “I’m excited to see how my kids’ lives change. It’s hard to train in boxing when you’re away from home and family. “My father and mother both agreed. Because I have been playing for a long time. I’ve been boxing for almost 20 years, and I’ve had my fair share of blows that knocked me out.

“At the very least, I can still leave the sport without losing anything. I don’t want to have trouble speaking or get any of the other injuries that can happen during a boxing match.  “I’m lucky that I’m one of those fighters who can leave the ring with a smile on their face. “Everything got better after the Summer Olympics of 2004, but not in a bad way. I never thought about it because I always had my feet firmly on the ground. “Boxing has changed my life so much that I owe it my life. I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t been a boxer. It kept me on track and helped me become a better person.

Khan Had A Brilliant Career.

Khan’s 40-fight career included fights against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Terence Crawford. He won 34 of those fights and lost six of them. In 2004, Bolton won a silver medal at the Olympics in Athens. In 2005, he turned pro. Two years after beating Andriy Kotelnik to win the WBA super-lightweight title, Amir Khan beat Zab Judah unanimously to win the IBF title. This gave him all of the world titles he needed.

Khan’s time as the WBC and WBA heavyweight champion were over when Danny Garcia stopped him from defending his titles against Lamont Peterson after a controversial points decision. Amir Khan moved up to middleweight to fight Canelo for the WBC title. When they fought for the WBO title in April 2019, Crawford stopped Khan in the sixth round. In February, when their fight was over, he hugged Brook in the ring and shared the spotlight with him.

Fighting This Fast Has Never Been More Fun To Watch Live.

Johnny Nelson, a sports commentator for Sky Sports, thinks that Khan’s bravery and achievements deserve high praise. “I was so happy when Kell told me he was retiring, and I’m even more comfortable now that Amir has done the same, making me even more content. “He is the fastest fighter I have ever seen in action, in my opinion. “Their contributions have made the game much better.

Amir Khan Boxer

“Amir Khan is a fantastic boxer, but most people won’t know how good he is or what he’s done. “There was a lot of talk about Kell Brook’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, but boxing fans know exactly what he did and how brave he was to go to America, make a name for himself, and fight the best. “It’s great news, and I’m sure his family will be ecstatic.”

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